What you should know about Visitax?

If you are a frequent traveler to Mexico, you have probably heard of the visitax. This is a new tax introduced by the authorities of the Quintana Roo region in Mexico. The tax is aimed at foreigners who wish to visit the region. Many people have little information about this concept. In consideration of this, we offer this article.

Who pays Visitax

The first thing you need to know about Visitax is who or what group of people is responsible for paying the tax. If you want to know more about Visitax, we invite you to read this article thoroughly. Indeed, this new tax is paid by people who enter the Mexican territory for tourism. It should also be noted that only if your destination is Quintana Roo will you have to pay Visitax. Moreover, only adults pay this tax. Of course, children are also obliged to pay Visitax, but only children over the age of four. It is important to note that anyone who enters Quintana Roo to do business must also pay this tax. The same applies to others who come for health reasons or to study.

Payment of Visitax

To pay Visitax, you do not need to go to Mexico. The system has been digitized so that you can make your payment online. All you need is your financial transaction account and your credit card. You also need to have a passport that is still valid and an email address. The credit card is where you will get the money to pay the tax. The address will allow you to receive the receipt that proves that you have made the payment. You will need to take a printout of the proof of payment in paper form. This is the document that you will show to the competent authorities when the time comes. This tax can be paid before you leave or when you return. It is up to you.