What are the services of a call center ?

Also known as call centers, call centers are services dedicated to the processing of various calls. These calls come mainly from large or small business customers, national or international organizations in order to answer their various concerns. Call centers play two main roles for companies: call processing (inbound and outbound) and agenda management.

Call processing

Call processing (inbound and outbound) is one of the first major roles of call centers. It consists of acting as an intermediary between customers and the companies they wish to contact. In this section, call center agents play three main roles that we will try to explain to you in a very brief manner. The first is to be able to greet customers. Just like the secretary of a company, the telephonist must know how to greet the customer before moving on to his second role, which is to listen and take note of the customers' concerns. There is a reason why some call call center solution.

Arguably, this part is no less important than the previous one. And finally, the last role is to satisfy the customers by answering as best as he (the call center agent) can.

Agenda management

Call centers also have the ability to play the role of secretary. It is this role that we have taken the liberty of considering as the second most important. Through this role of secretary, call centers make appointments on behalf of companies, taking into account the agenda of the latter.

They can then update the agendas of these companies without abusing them. The last part of this role consists of organizing telephone interview sessions with the clients of the companies, whether it be for the sale of their products or services, invitations to gala evenings and surveys to review the quality of their services.