Tips for installing a pool over another pool

A swimming pool can be used for several purposes: as an outdoor decoration of a house; for exercise or for relaxation. With the help of a jump in the pool, you can exercise your muscles, relax your nerves... But to install a pool, you have to spend your fortune. Find out here how to build a pool.

Preparing the space

For some time now, the construction of a swimming pool has been revolutionised. Nowadays, a swimming pool can be built on top of another one that is considered a break. This is a mobile pool that can be moved if you want to move. It is another alternative to not spend too much money. Here you will find an illustration of what we are talking about. Then find it here.

Before you start building the mobile pool, you have to prepare the ground. This is the first and most important step. It will be a large space that you will prepare, which faces the sun but is very close to the house. You must make sure that nothing like stones or rubbish is on it. You can simply make a slab so that the floor is flat. As much as this is a facility.

Building and securing the base

There are different bases for building a pool on top of another. If you want to make a base in the form of concrete or not, it is very essential to invest in making the base. If the base is faulty, there could be consequences later on. The base must be stretched first before continuing with the other steps.

To do this, a leather rod must be placed in the middle of the space and then a radius must be defined by choosing a dimension.

Assembling the pool parts

As this is a mobile pool, different parts are joined together. In order not to be surprised by damage later on, all parts of the pool must be put together. Once all the parts have been put together, the walls can be put up. But here too you have to be careful.