Some tips on how to look after your cat?

To keep your cat healthy and healthy, it is very important to look after it. It's not enough to simply feed your cat a food that covers its nutritional needs and respects its eating habits alone. Although feeding is a pleasurable and rewarding ritual for the cat, it is also important to think about its hygiene. How do you keep it clean? Discover some tips in this article.

Eyes, ears, teeth...are areas to watch

To keep your cat in good health, it is very important to frequently monitor certain areas. This regular monitoring will allow you to provide the necessary care to keep your cat in good health and to promote good hygiene. Click on this link to read a description about.

The eyes

Keeping a cat's eyes healthy doesn't require any special care; you'll just make sure they're not runny, inflamed or suppurating. If there is any redness or discharge, call a vet immediately.

Mouth and teeth

The hygiene of one's teeth is equally important; the accumulation of food debris and tartar waiting to decompose can easily cause damage to the teeth and gums. To limit tartar formation, it is advisable to feed your cat calcium chelators that are suitable for him. In addition, your cat's teeth should be cleaned regularly with a special toothpaste. If the tartar build-up is very considerable, consider a scaling at a vet.

The ears

As for the ears, they should be touched rarely. The auricle of his ears should still be a little greasy normally. Wax deposit is normal and you should not remove it regularly, you risk increasing the secretion of earwax if you do. Consult a vet for advice if the discharge becomes really heavy. Consider trimming her claws and inspecting her paw pads. In some breeds of cats, you can also cut the hair growing in this area.