KoDDoS : a practical tool to protect you from cybercriminal attacks

When you have a functional web page, you are never safe from hacking and other attacks. It is therefore important to ensure its protection and security to leave no door open to any attack. Among the solutions offered online to deal with this type of attack, KoDDoS is one of the most recommended tools in the field.

KoDDoS : what’s that ?

KoDDoS is a tool that offers a high-end hosting service and increased security against cybercriminal attacks. In order to offer anti-DDoS defense mechanisms (which are the most effective), it uses the latest technologies and infrastructures in the field. For my informations, you can check my reference

You should know that the more the volume of data accessible on the Internet grows, the more there are attacks of this type. That's why KoDDoS has implemented advanced network and global security solutions. In this way, users opting for this solution will be able to enjoy faster, solid and more reliable connectivity.

So remember that with KoDDoS, you can limit all types of DDoS attacks and avoid legitimate interruptions in network traffic. With KoDDoS, you can take advantage of a wide variety of customizable hosting plans and DDoS protection services. You will also have at your disposal a very competent customer service as well as an inviolable surveillance during 24/24 and 7/7.

Some anti-DDoS services

KoDDoS offers its customers a variety of services to meet each of their needs and expectations :

Medium risk web hosting

It is offered at $39.99/month. It allows users to enjoy :

  • Up to 30 GB of storage ;
  • Nearly 200 GB of bandwidth ;
  • DDoS protection up to 120 Gbit/s.

High risk web hosting

This service is offered at $140/month. By subscribing, users can enjoy :

  • Nearly 30 GB of storage ;
  • Nearly 400 GB of bandwidth ;
  • DDoS protection up to 200 Gbps.

In addition to these few services, KoDDoS offers other much more extensive packages to meet more specific needs.