China increases its vaccination rollout

China has increased its vaccination rollout, recording more than 9 million inoculations in a week. The Chinese government is also considering issuing visa documents that will show the vaccination record and state of the virus in a person's country.


According to the data released by its health agency in a press conference, China has vaccinated more than 73 million people since the beginning of March. China plans to vaccinate up to 40% of its population by June. It was one of the first countries to approve vaccines for use, and it has exported millions of vaccines to other countries. 

69 million doses of Sinovac vaccine have been delivered worldwide

According to a representative of the company, more than 69 million doses of the Sinovac biotech vaccine have been delivered and used worldwide. The amount does not include the number of Sinovac vaccines that have been administered in China. The US and other countries like Israel are currently ahead of China on the number of citizens that have been vaccinated.


The vice director of the Chinese center for disease control and prevention said China is still testing and isolating individuals that have taken the vaccine. He added that China will adjust its current coronavirus restrictions when more local residents have received the vaccines.

China is confident in its abilities to vaccinate its citizens

According to a Chinese official, Mao Junfeng, China can vaccinate all of its citizens. He added that the raw materials needed for the vaccines are in steady supply. As China continues to scale up its vaccination effort, Beijing is considering rolling out a policy that will administer visas, flights, etc to travelers based on their vaccine records and the state of the virus in their country.


Another official said the world has the opportunity to get over the coronavirus pandemic if more countries prioritize vaccinating their people. China has allowed the use of four locally produced vaccines, and it's in the process of approving a fifth one.