Adrian Cheng: a social worker from Hong Kong

Generosity is a quality that is hard to find in millionaires. But there are some people who are always willing to accompany their neighbours in need. In Hong Kong, the person who identifies with this quality of sociability is Adrien Cheng. Read this article to find out how involved he is in supporting the people of his city. 

Children's mental health a priority

Children's mental health is not a priority in Asian culture. Yet Covid has left its mark on the city of Hong Kong. So millionaire Adrian Cheng decided to take action to help the city's children. Thus, a foundation was created to focus on well-being, equalization, mental health and parenting. But the priority was put on the mental health of children. And for the first action, the millionaire has focused on children between three and eleven years old. The aim is to raise awareness among parents and teachers about children's mental health. Since the educational system in Asia is rigid on this issue, the foundation has been working on a number of projects. In order for her foundation to carry out this project, she has joined forces with local NGOs. 

Promoting access to housing

Millionaire Cheng did not limit his work to the mental health of children. He was also interested in the world of real estate. In fact, he found that a young person with an average income has financial difficulties to get a house in Hong Kong. To address this problem, one of his real estate companies provides housing to the population at a discount of about 50%. He has also worked in several other areas to contribute to the welfare of those around him. For example, in the management of the health crisis linked to the coronavirus pandemic, he built a factory that manufactured masks that were distributed to the population. He also helps companies to donate goods to about 10,000 disadvantaged people.