3 Tips for disabling a home alarm yourself

Home alarms are either wired or wireless and are generally available in three categories. Thus, in order to better secure your home, each alarm system has its own specificities. There are several ways to deactivate an alarm. Find out in this article three tips on how to deactivate a home alarm yourself.

Deactivating your home alarm from the alarm control panel

Today, there are several ways to deactivate an alarm. One way is to deactivate your home alarm from the control panel. Indeed, if you choose this solution, you should know that you cannot access the total protection mode on the central alarm station of the house. To access it, you can use a remote control or a badge reader. For more information, click here to investigate. If, on the other hand, you wish to deactivate your home alarm in partial protection mode, you simply press the key in the form of an open padlock. This key is located among the five symbols placed in the central square of your equipment. Once you have clicked on this padlock, the symbol will start to flash. This means that the protection mode has been activated. To stop it, simply press the corresponding icon.

Deactivating your home alarm from the access badge reader

Much more convenient than the first method, this remains the most popular way to disable your home alarm. This is because with a badge reader, you can turn your alarm system on or off in one easy step. This saves you from having to remember a code or even enter it each time. To turn off your alarm, simply present your contactless badge to the reader. Note that this alarm deactivation mode is possible thanks to RFID technology.

Deactivating your home alarm from a remote control

In addition to the above two methods, you also have the option of deactivating an alarm via remote control. Even more interesting is this alarm deactivation device. It allows you to manage your alarm system without having to go to the control panel. When deactivating an alarm with remote control, you will see a red light come on quickly. This confirms that the command has been sent. Similarly, when the alarm is deactivated, the light will come back on. There are several ways to deactivate your home alarm. However, make sure you choose the one that suits you best.