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Author's Chapter Notes:
Written as part of the Multi-Fandom Drabble Meme for scriblix
As Tenar slept, Ged sailed on and considered.

He had never lain with a woman.

It was in part, of course, in the nature of magic and of wizards that the part of them that might have gone into procreation went into creation of a different kind.

Yet he knew that it had not always been so—that there had been women at Gont, once, and that witches and wizards had had children together.

Experimentally, he lay his hand on her foot, marveling at the contrast between their skins.


“Ged,” he said, withdrawing his hand. “My name is Ged.”
Chapter End Notes:

This was the beginning of the thought-process that led to Naming the Land. 

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