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The Distant Journey by JenKM1216 M
Prequel to Common Ground. Todd finds his neat, orderly life as a powerful Wraith...
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The Incivility of Fate’s Dark Minions: A Love Story by Keket_Amunet T
Cupids aren’t always nice creatures. A Valentine’s Day story featuring...
Invitation by rarity K
It's the first Valentine's Day after the war, the light won and everyone...
Hearts and Roses: A Different St Valentine's Story by Antosha K+
Ginny Weasley hadn't always hated Valentine's Day. (Pre-HBP—Locked...
Valentine by Antosha K+
Ginny has some news for Harry. Harry thinks he knows what it is. (Post-HBP)
Valentine's Day Perspective by Keket_Amunet K+
An SS/HG Valentine's Day fic in response to all the fanfic beginning with...
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Third Person, Singular by Antosha MA
She never left those who loved her. (H/G, H/G/L) Banner by harrys_girls
Prying by Antosha MA
If you're going to pry into someone else's things you'd better be...
Voyeurism by Antosha M
Ginny loves to watch the moon come full...
Friends (aka The F Words) by Antosha T
Loss need not diminish. (A sequence of missing scenes set in the weeks and months...
Fortune by Antosha T
He wanted the best for his daughter. He wanted her to have the wedding of her...
Voices in the Dark by Antosha T
She thought of them as Squeaky and Dreamy, not that she ever called them that...
To Market by Antosha K+
Flint finds foolishness. (Flint/Tenar, pre-Tehanu missing scene)
Harry Dresden, Private Dick by Antosha K+
Sometimes, a case floats in on legs so long you’re sure the toes are touching...