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Welcome, dear readers, to Know it Alls. We will strive to find the best in Harry Potter fanfiction. We know that it’s a jungle out there, and for those of you with more discriminating taste, and not much time, it’s difficult to get to the good stuff. We will be your guide into the world that is Harry Potter fanfiction. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy…

Our Terms of Service

1. As our site is primarily a list of links to external content, it goes without saying that we are not responsible for the content we link to. Click at your own risk and heed warnings and ratings.

2. Site members are free to comment on the recs, but we reserve the right to delete any comments. Do not spam, flame, make personal attacks or insults, ship-bash, link to warez sites or self-promote. Or we will delete your comment.

Debate, discussion or dissent on a rec is fine, as long as it doesn’t get nasty or personal. If you have trouble with the difference, there are two guides to discussion, debate, and critique we recommend:

Macedon’s Guide to the Mannerly Art of Disagreement

Peg Robinson’s Guide to the Mannerly Art of Critique

3. To avoid favouritism in our recomendations of Harry Potter fanfiction, each Know-It-All has agreed not to rec her betas, betees, or cowriters or to second a review of those writers should another Know-It-All decide to rec one. No Know-It-All will rec her own story.

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