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Who are you lot?

—Like yourselves, we are people who enjoy reading fanfiction. Each of us has our own interests and tastes, which will be reflected in the type of stories we recommend. Individual Know-It-Alls will not rec any of her own betas, betees, or cowriters nor second a review of those same writers should another Know-It-All decide to rec one. No Know-It-All will rec her own story. For more about each of us, read our individual profiles.

Why can’t I leave a comment?

—You’ll need to register. A simple step to prevent spammers.

How do I sign up to become a reccer?

—You don’t - the position is by invitation only. However, you may suggest stories.

How do I get my story on your site?

—Sorry, we don’t take self recs.

I know a good story; will you put it on your site?

—Suggest it to us with a link, summary, and the pairing involved, if any, on our Suggestions page, or email us, and if one of us likes it, we may include it.

Why can’t I see my suggestion I just submitted to your page?

—Your comments will appear once an admin has approved it.

Why did you delete my comment?

—Your comment was either off-topic (the Suggestions Page is for suggested stories only, not for comments on the site) or we construed it as spam, self-promotion, a personal attack, or ship bashing. None of that is allowed on this site.

Why is there only ____ on the main page?

—As recers have time, they rec. On any given day or hour, the main page might be filled with or dominated by one ship. Those are just the most recent recs, and this isn’t something we can coordinate. Give us time and the reccers, and we’ll do our best to at least achieve balance on the site overall.

My story is listed, how do I change the link/summary information etc?

Email us and ask.

How do you define length?

—Drabble – 100 words exactly

—Ficlet – less than 1,000 words

—Short Story – less than 10,000 words

—Novella – less than 40,000 words

—Novel – over 40,000 words

—Epic – over 100,000 words

What Do Your Story Ratings Mean?
—The MPAA has prohibited others from using the familar ratings used for films, but these are the same idea - a rough guide/warning as to whether a fic has material some might consider offensive or not appropriate for younger readers. Ours are based on how the author has rated their own fic. In order, from mildest to strongest, they are:

—All Ages – nothing even the most sensitive would object to.
—Parental guidance – might have language or themes that require caution
—Teen – contains mature themes. Sexuality or violence is suggested or mentioned but not described.
—Mature – contains descriptions of sexual situations or scenes of violence.
—Adult – contains explicit sex or graphic violence or kinks that may offend.

Why can’t I see the individual archives links under External Links?

—Just click on a category and you’ll be able to see the archives under it and their links. If you hover your cursor over it, you can see a description of each archive.

What is an RSS Feed?

—A RSS feed will allow you to see new recs as we make them on your friends list on LJ. You can choose either to see all recs this way, or just choose individual categories. If you click on a category, you’ll see the RSS feed for it pop up on top of the tags

For any further questions, send us an email and we’ll send you an answer in due course.

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