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December 17th, 2006

“The Summoning” by Bambu

clare009’s Rec:
tanza suggested this story of Bambu’s and she said:

It is the most amazing fic I have ever read! You fall in love with the characters (Hermione esspecially) and everyone of them is written perfectly. The plot is exciting and original and if I had my way this fic would be canon! There’s not a single sentence that doesn’t captivate you, I think it’s impossible not to love this fic.

I agree - it is impossible not to love this story. Perhaps if you hate superb characterisation, complex and intriguing plot and heart-pounding tension (sexual and otherwise) then this story would not be for you. This is truly a story about the passage into adulthood for Hermione and her awakening to the magical world around her. I love Bambu’s use of descriptive language to set the scene, many of which have become burned vividly into my mind. My only complaint is that this story is not yet finished - but do not fear, for I hear that the author is working around the clock to bring this story to, what I’m sure will be, an awesome conclusion. I shall wait with baited breath.

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