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February 10th, 2012

“A Study in Magic” by Vixit

Gioia’s Rec:
This story was startlingly good.  I’ve seen other Harry Potter/Sherlock Holmes crossover fics, but never one quite like this.

The plot is far more complicated – and yet far more simple – than I had expected.  Just when I thought I had things figured out, the author would surprise me with something which was, in retrospect, quite obvious.  It felt like a true Sherlock Holmes story in that regard.

In this AU fic, an infant Harry is placed with Sherlock Holmes.  The story is written as if by Dr. Watson in many places, adding a level of authenticity to it.  Holmes’ reactions to magic and to the wizarding world are fantastic and, again, feel very true to his character.  Harry’s character is, of course, very changed in many ways thanks to his upbringing in Holmes’ household, instead of with the Dursleys.  Yet, his core self is still there, as is very evident by the end of the story, thanks to the relationships he has formed.  Nature vs. Nurture is very much a factor in understanding Harry’s role and his behavior here.

My biggest regret about this story is that the author has stated that there are no plans for a sequel to this story, which covers roughly Oct. 1981-June 1992.  However, this is such a self-contained, completely encapsulated tale, that my regrets should not imply that anything is left wanting about this fic.  Rather, I’m simply feeling selfish and want more. ;-)  I suppose I shall have to be content with stalking the author’s profile page, in the hopes that Vixit’s future inspirations/story ideas coincide with my multi-fandom fic cravings.  This is definitely an author worth watching.

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