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“Under His Skin” by florahart

Friday, December 15th, 2006


Slash: m/m, Drama/Angst, Rare Snape Slash, SS/BW

Everyone has known for a long time that Bill Weasley is sexually unusual. Now, he is sexually damaged, too. SS/BW


“Love Is” by kaiz

Thursday, December 14th, 2006


Het: m/f, Slash: m/m, Rare Het Pairing, Rare Snape Slash, BW/FD, SS/BW

Bill can't control his wolfish urges, and Fleur in her quest to save her love and family comes up with an idea: she decides to ask his ex-lover for help. The problem is that the ex-lover in question is Snape who, she suspects, won't be very forthcoming. How far will Bill (and Fleur) be willing to go to get his help? Severus/Bill, Bill/Fleur, allusions to Severus/Lucius and Severus/Sirius (UST).

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