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“New Year’s Day” by la_dissonance

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010


Slash: f/f, Romance, Holiday, Rare Femmeslash Pairing, Fluff, Erotica/PWP, Post-DH, LB/ParP

Parvati plans to finagle a kiss from Lavender at midnight and see where things go from there, and it almost works – Lavender just sees things going pretty fast. Heck, it's a complete PWP.


“A Different Yule Ball” by Andrew Aelfwine

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009


Slash: f/f, Romance, Multiples, Rare Femmeslash Pairing, Fluff, Alternate Universe, HP/LB/ParP, LB/ParP, FemHet Multiple

After a rough start, Harry and Parvati share a lovely evening, comfort a friend, and encounter Flying Mistletoe. Rated PG-13 for kissing. Polyamoury and shoujo ai (femmeslash)--you have been warned. Rev'd 25 August 2004

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