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“Stay” by gypsyflame

Friday, December 11th, 2009


Slash: m/m, Drama/Angst, Romance, Rare Draco Slash, Alternate Universe, DM/SB

War is coming, and Narcissa is scared for Draco. So she turns to the only person she can think of – Sirius Black.


“Prince of Dogs and Fools” by nimori

Thursday, December 21st, 2006


Slash: m/m, Post-HBP, Multiples, Erotica/PWP, Rare Snape Slash, SS/DM, Rare Draco Slash, Snape Slash Multiple, DM/SB, SS/DM/SB, SS/SB

The trick -- Dumbledore's best -- is not in getting them to do as you wish, but making them want as you want. (SS/SB, SB/DM, SS/DM, SS/DM/SB)


“Memoirs of a Death Eater Whore” by nimori

Wednesday, December 20th, 2006


Slash: m/m, HP/DM, HP/SS, Rare Slash Pairing, Rare Snape Slash, Rare Harry Slash, Rare Draco Slash, DM/SB, SS/SB, HP/LM, HP/SB, HP/TR, SB/LM, HP/NL, DM/LM, SB/NL

After one year of service, Harry Potter is about to earn a place for himself. A Year and a Day was written for Maeglin Yedi's birthday; the others are Dictionary Drabbles taking place in the same universe. (HP/SS, HP/LM, HP/DM, HP/SB, HP/LV, LM/DM, SS/SB, LM/SB, SB/DM, HP/NL, SB/NL)


“Jacob” by cave_canem

Tuesday, December 19th, 2006


Slash: m/m, Drama/Angst, Rare Draco Slash, DM/SB

Draco was injured in the war, his Sight blown wide open, so that now when he looks at a person or a thing, he sees everything they are, and everything they have been. Only animals are excepted. As a result, Draco's gone into exile on a small island off the coast with a dog he's named Jacob Grimm for his only companion.


“Sirius Black and the Land-In-Between” by Titti

Tuesday, December 19th, 2006


Slash: m/m, Drama/Angst, Romance, Rare Draco Slash, DM/SB

The veil is only a temporary stop for Sirius Black, but regaining his humanity won't be easy.

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