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“First for Her, First for Him, Nothing New for Them” by CSI_Tokyo3

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010


Het: m/f, Slash: f/f, Multiples, Rare Het Pairing, Rare Femmeslash Pairing, Erotica/PWP, HP/GW/LL, HP/PP, Post-DH, GW/PP, Ginny Femmeslash, FemHet Multiple, LL/PP

Based off of this picture (NSFW!!) by _odella_ . "This Evening's Entertainment."


“Matching-muff matrimony” by Eloise Lovelace

Thursday, January 28th, 2010


Slash: f/f, Romance, Humour/Parody, GW/PP, Ginny Femmeslash

It was a comfortable marriage of inconvenience, really, given how much they hated each other. Romance novel meets crack, written for fem_exchange


“The Consequences of Pink Pumpkin Juice” by Ginnysdarkside

Wednesday, January 31st, 2007


Slash: f/f, Drama/Angst, Romance, Holiday, Rare Femmeslash Pairing, GW/PP, Ginny Femmeslash

On Valentine's Day, havoc grips the halls of Hogwarts as a would-be Cupid adds a love potion to the morning pumpkin juice. Pansy Parkinson finds herself at the mercy of Ginny Weasley for the duration of the spell, but is all as it seems? And what will be the outcome once the potion wears off? WARNING: This story contains a femslash pairing, so if this bothers you then move on.

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