Germany to enforce mandatory quarantine for travelers

As a result of its increasing infection numbers, Germany is considering enforcing mandatory quarantine for all travelers returning to Germany. Health authorities in Germany say hospitals are gradually getting overwhelmed by coronavirus cases.


The decision will be discussed by Germany's leaders in the following weeks. Germany's leaders are also in the process of deciding on coronavirus measures to implement that will reduce the increasing rate of infections amongst the population.

German leaders are divided on re-opening the economy

At the last meeting that was attended by national and local German leaders, there was division concerning the reopening of the economy. Most leaders agreed to reopen the economy slowly, while Angela Merkel, the chancellor of Germany, disagreed. Merkel said Germany can't afford to open its economy now especially as coronavirus cases continue to increase.


Numbers released by the Robert Koch Institute for Infectious Diseases show that the number of coronavirus cases in about a hundred of the population has increased by over 100%. This is a sign that most Intensive care units in Germany will be overstretched in the nearest future. The country has also been criticized for its slow vaccination rollout plans.

German residents are tired of the lockdown

A survey that was carried out showed that there is high public fatigue and restlessness among German residents. The lockdown is entering its fourth month, and there are plans to extend the lockdown further. The new directive will be targeted at people entering the country from holiday destinations or high risk countries. 


Germany has recorded a 13,000+ increase in coronavirus cases, bringing Germany's total cases to 2,600,000+. Germany's death toll has also increased from 99 to 75,000. Germany will also consider placing new obligations on companies that could not allow their employees to work from home. The companies will be expected to test their employees for coronavirus every week. 

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