Elon musk reassures the Chinese government

The founder of Tesla, Elon Musk, has responded to claims by the Chinese military that its self-driving cars can be used by external agents to spy on the country. In his statement, he said his company will be closed if it's discovered that Tesla cars are vulnerable to hackers and can be used to spy on people. 


He added that Tesla is committed to protecting the privacy of its customers, as they rely on their customer's trust to succeed. He made the statement during an important virtual Chinese forum. There are currently rumors that the Chinese military has banned all Tesla cars from its facilities.

The Chinese military is concerned about the cameras installed on Tesla cars

The Chinese military cited the cameras installed in Tesla cars, saying they are a risk to the Chinese military. Their concerns were raised during a meeting between important Chinese and US diplomats earlier this week. The meeting is the first of its kind to hold since Joe Biden was elected as the president of America.


Elon Musk has always advocated for the two governments to build trust between themselves, and he reiterated the sentiment during his statement at the China Development Forum. The forum is hosted yearly by a foundation connected to China's council.

Prominent Chinese Nationals attended the event

Elon Musk made the statement in a panel that was hosted by a popular Chinese quantum physicist that is the director of the Southern University of Science and Technology. China is known as an important market for car manufacturers, especially electric cars. In China alone, more than 147,445 cars were sold and it accounted for 30% of Tesla's revenue.


Elon Musk has appeared in several important discussions in China and has discussed AI and space with a prominent Chinese businessman, Jack Ma. Elon Musk caused a stir on social media when he danced onstage during a Tesla event in China.

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