Coronavirus cases in India surge during religious holiday

In a press briefing held by India's health ministry, it was announced that the number of coronavirus cases in the country is rising at an alarming rate. The increase has been linked to a Hindu festival that has seen thousands of devotees gather for the ceremony.


The ministry added that more than 38 people are testing positive every day in the area the festival is holding. The numbers increased when the festival started and it's expected to rise as the festival continues to hold.

More than 145 million visitors attend the festival 

According to the organizers of the festival, more than 145 million people worldwide attend the ceremony because it is held once in twelve years. Hindus take the ceremony seriously, as they believe that bathing in the river during the festival washes their sins away and restores their salvation. 


The health ministry told the local authorities in charge of the area the ceremony is being held that the coronavirus testing capacity of the government has been stretched. The government is currently testing 55,000 people in that area daily. The health ministry added that the area is increasingly becoming a hotspot for the coronavirus.

India records highest coronavirus death rate in more than two months

According to the numbers released by the Indian government, more than 190 people died in a day, which is the highest death rate experienced by the country since the beginning of 2021. India has also recorded more than 43000 daily coronavirus cases since the middle of March. The new covid-19 cases have been concentrated in five Indian states.


Due to the increasing number of covid-19 cases, the prime minister of India and his government have been criticized for assisting countries with coronavirus vaccines. The country's vaccine producer, the Serum Institute of India, has announced to some countries that it will pause exporting vaccines until further notice.

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